Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sioux Falls

Traveling from west to east, we spent the night in Sioux Falls, South
Dakota. We've driven through before but had never stopped. We were
very impressed! It's a nice small city that seems to be trying to be a
bit more cutting edge. There's a great downtown area, full of shops,
cafes, etc. and a wonderful park near the downtown that hold the falls
that give the city its name.

On our way out of town, we stopped at a really good coffee house,
named Black Sheep Coffee.

A few days ago, we watched an interesting documentary called, "God
Grew Tired Of Us
", about the Sudanese refugees that were forced to
flee their country and go to other parts of Africa, and then the United
States to avoid persecution, and sometimes death. There was a small
group of Sudanese men gathered in the coffee house, enjoying conversation
and their coffee. I had no idea, but apparently Sioux Falls has a very
large Sudanese population and I'm glad we had watched the documentary
so I knew why they were in Sioux Falls of all places. It really is becoming
a smaller world.

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