Thursday, June 02, 2011


One of the disadvantages to being addicted to shopping at IKEA is that
there aren't a lot of them and if you don't live near one, you have to
drive a bit. We're headed to my sister Nancy's house in Oklahoma,
but we decided to drive a bit out of the way to visit the only IKEA
nearby to get some extra things for our house that we failed to
purchase on our last visit to IKEA in Salt Lake City. This also gave us
the opportunity to visit some areas we hadn't seen before on the way,
including southwest Arkansas and Northeast Texas. We bought our
items at IKEA after having a nice simple dinner of Swedish Meatballs
in their cafeteria. I am amazed at how fast the people in Dallas
drive. I don't consider myself a "hick from the sticks" by any means,
but these folks like to move rather quickly. Amazing, since it's so hot
and humid here. I would think this would make folks move more slowly.

On our way back to our hotel, we stopped at a really nice mall, called
Stonebriar Centre. It's pretty upscale and had about anything one would
need. We didn't do any shopping...just looking, but on our way out, we
watched a local hockey club practicing on the mall's own full-sized
hockey rink. Something we don't see much anymore since our rink in
Grand Junction is in a state of limbo. We had a great day and plan to
visit Dallas again sometime in the future.


Brody said...

Do you know they are opening a huge IKEA in Denver? This month I think. It looks as long as a football field. The biggest IKEA I've seen, but I don't really frequent them.

Brody said...

Fall 2011

IKEA store in Centennial

The 415,000 square-foot future IKEA Centennial, with approximately 1,500 parking spaces, will be built on 13.5 acres along the western side of Interstate 25 in the Park Meadows area, accessible from connections to Dry Creek Road and County Line Road exits

Unknown said...

Cool! I had heard it was opening, but didn't know any of the specifics...Thanks Brody!