Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How The States Got Their Shapes

There's a new show on the History Channel that's quickly become
one of my favorites. It's called "How The States Got Their Shapes"
and it's based on the book by Mark Stein that I read a few years ago.
It lets me get my geek out on some of my favorite subjects of
Cartography, History and Geography...all wrapped up into one!
It's pretty amazing how so little is known about our nation's history
and how things came to be. If X wasn't added to Y, Z would have
never happend. What makes this show really interesting is that, at
least in my opinion, things in political geography aren't static. They
are ever changing. For example, there has been renewed talk of
Puerto Rico becoming the 51st State. I'm not even sure if this topic
will be brought up on the show or not, but it could certainly make at
least an interesting segment. It isn't just our country where geography
changes. Soon, all our world maps will be wrong. The new nation of
South Sudan will be formed. Geography is fascinating because it
changes. Always new and always interesting. Just like this show.

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