Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Pretty Full

We only live about a mile north of the Colorado River, which is the
seventh longest river in the United States. Usually, even though
it carries quite a bit of water at this point in its route, it's fairly
docile. Not so, these days, as spring runoff from this winter's
record snows in the Rocky Mountains is causing it to fill to its
banks and even sometimes over it. Last week, part of Interstate 70
had to be closed west of Fruita as the river was placing the highway
in danger. We took this photo in Glenwood Canyon on our way to
Denver last week. A few miles earlier, we saw some rafters making
their way down the river in an area that looked much like this.
There's a bicycle/walking path that runs through the canyon.
If you look closely on the left hand side of the photo, you can see
that it is very much under water. Not a good day to be ambling
down the river's edge. Even though we're having all of this water
now, the experts say that it won't have much effect of a nearly
20 year drought the Colorado River Basin is having. And believe
it or not, most of this water won't ever make it to the Pacific
Ocean (Gulf of California) in Mexico. It will go to the thirsty cities
of Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas. It's fun to watch while it
lasts though.

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