Monday, June 13, 2011

New To Our Yard

Almost ten years ago, we were getting ready to spend our first season
in Antarctica and had to have someone watch our plants. We didn't know
then that it would be quite a bit of time before we were able to retrieve
them. When we recently visited my sister Nancy's house, we picked up
our Rain Lilly (or at least a descendant of it) that we had left with her
many years ago. The coffee can that held it disintigrated long ago, but
Nancy had transplanted it into a new container and there are lots of
healthy, blooming bulbs in the container. It now holds a nice place in
front of our house, where it gets morning sun, but none of the really
hot sun of the afternoon. Because we live in a very dry climate with an
average of 8 inches of rain per year, we'll probably need to water it every
few days to keep it blooming. It's much drier here that it's native Germany.

We have a spot in our front yard that has needed a plant for a few years.
When we xeriscaped our front yard, one of the desert plants that we
selected didn't make it through the first year and the spot has been
empty ever since. Nancy sent some Monkey Grass with us. It can be
a pain to some people because it spreads, but it's very hardy and needs
little attention. Perfect for this area. Also, it shouldn't spread since
there really is no where for it to go since it's surrounded by gravel. I'm
looking forward to enjoying both additions to our yard this summer.

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