Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sock Summit

The main purpose of this trip is so that Lynn can attend the Sock Summit.
This is a large convention of knitters with a sock emphasis. If you'd like to
know more about it, Lynn will have more details on her knitting blog.
I've never seen more knitters in one place. It's estimated that there will be
6000 knitters attending. I'm sure there will be others here like me though.
Interested parties that are here to support the knitters, and as in my case,
act as sherpa for all the yarn and goodies that Lynn will be picking up. I've
been to a lot of yarn stores with Lynn, but this is the largest amount of
yarn, knitting supplies, etc. that I've ever seen in one place. These folks
take it very seriously. It was fun to watch Lynn have such a good time
amongst her peers. We have three days here and besides visiting the
marketplace (in the photos below), Lynn will be taking several classes.
I'm sure she'll have a great time!

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