Friday, August 05, 2011

Is This The Last Borders?

For those of you that regularly read my blog, I have this quasi-relationship
with the closing of Borders Books. Maybe it's just a case of denial, but I will
miss them and it's still not easy to accept that they are going out of business.
Just past Lake Tahoe, we drove through Carson City. I'd never been here and
was looking forward to seeing the State Capitol of Nevada (yes, geeky, but
something I like to do). However, about the only thing interesting about
Carson City is the fact that they have a Borders...and now it's closing.

This store obviously survived the first round of cuts several months ago.
I'm not sure why this survived and our store in Grand Junction didn't,
but that decision wasn't up to me. Entering the store, there is little
doubt that they want you to know that the store is indeed, closing.

We used to enjoy going to cafes at different Borders, but true to form, this
is one of the first areas of the store that closed down.

At least they were nice enough to put up a sign telling people that the cafe
was closed. Not that it was really needed.

This store is still in the fairly early stages of closing. Everything was pretty
much only 25% off and there were still lots of things left to buy. If I lived near
here, I would stalk this map section when it got to be at least 50% off!
Regardless, Lynn bought a couple of things and I purchased Moscow and
Colorado Lonely Planet books as well as a Russian map I've been looking for,
so the visit wasn't a complete loss. Back on the road again afterwards, but
still a little sad that this may be the last Borders that I visit before they're
all gone.

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Benjamin said...

Good God! Do you think they have enough signs? The former Merchandising Supervisor in me nearly screamed out loud. That must have been a pain in the ass to put all of those signs up.