Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Wieinermobile!

I am a very lucky person. At least three times in my life,
I have seen the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile! Today, it was
stopped at the local Safeway and Lynn and I went with Leslie
and Gina to go Hail the Conquering Wiener! We managed to
get some cool stickers, and of course a Wiener Whistle and
some other fun stuff. However, when I mentioned that back
in 1995 I got to sit behind the wheel of the Wienermobile, the
Hotdogger (one of two people that ride with each Wienermobile)
told me that that was "against the rules!". Uh, ok.
Anyway, we enjoyed our view, listened to children scream,
had our photos taken and then were on our way. Grand Junction
seems to be a pretty popular spot for the Wienermobile to stop,
so I'm sure we'll see it again soon!


Colorado Health Insurance said...

This is great, I want to get a look at it once in my lifetime too. Thanks for sharing and giving us a good laugh.

Unknown said...

Wienermobile is coming back to your area! I am a current hotdogger. We will be arriving October 24th. Feel free to contact me