Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baseball is Coming!

After several weeks of speculation, it was confirmed
that Grand Junction will be getting a minor league
baseball team! The team formerly known as the Casper
Ghosts will leave Wyoming and make their new home in
Grand Junction. A member of the Pioneer League, which
is classified as a Rookie League, the team will be part
of the Colorado Rockies organization and will play a
short season, starting this June. Most of these players
are right out of college or high school but some of them
will make it to the big leagues eventually. The team will
start its existence as the Rockies, but then a fan vote will
take place to give it a more unique, local name. It will
be a lot of fun to watch them play games at Suplizio
Field, as Grand Junction has been waiting to get a pro
team for a long time now.


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