Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Blog...the new big event?

A year or two ago when I first heard of Blogs, I was definitely skeptical. Guess what? I still am. I guess they're sort of a diary of the Information Age, but who am I communicating with??? I have myself and my rants to keep me warm I suppose, but it still seems rather cold and impersonal. Wait...it might be just a new form of waiting for the mail...waiting for someone to comment on my blog. My wife Lynn can't quite understand when we are at my parent's house, why the mail delivery is such a big thing. I don't know why either, but it was always an event and we rushed out to get the mail, sometimes before the mail person left the driveway. Was it usually bills and junk mail? Yes. But it was communication with the outside world, and I think that's why we looked forward to it. It was like getting a pseudo Christmas present 6 days a week, all to good old Rural Route 1, 46341. I see something similar with Blogs and the Information Age in general. Delivery of a new kind of mail and the great feeling that someone is sending you something. As I live farther and farther from R.R.1 46341 these days, it seems even more special to get communications from the outside world, and if a Blog helps that happen...I guess it's a good thing.

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queen of the kings said...

Well , at least you have heard of Blogs. I have not ever heard of them. BUT, I can relate to the excitement of getting mail...snail, email...whatever! My kids have also caught the bug...and fight over who gets to check the mail at the post office. Now...why would they do this when the only time there is anything for them is once a year on their birthday? I let them fight over it, so I don't have to get out of the car, but I too am anxiously awaiting to see if there is anything fun for me out of that big stack of junk mail. Maybe it does have something to do with living in a rural area. We are somewhat rural ....and even though we are only 30 minutes from town....we feel like we are out in the boonies!!
The real question of the day is:
Do you ever order something from a catalog or on the internet EVEN THOUGH you don't really need it...just so you can have that fun of waiting and checking the mail everyday for it to come? Not that I would ever do this...haha...but someone else might be that weird. :) (definately not me though....really....oh..gotta sign off now....need to go check my mail....)