Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Ear Wax

We stumbled upon an interesting topic this morning at our departmental meeting...Ear Wax. Invariably each person discussed
what they thought was the best way to remove ear wax, including some oddly sounding method of tilting one's head while setting some kind of bee's wax blowtorch on fire next to your ear. Hmmm...does this mean we are getting more civilized...or less? Homeopathic medicine is the next big thing...ok, I know, I said before that BLOGS were the next big thing, but when you can get these little bees wax thingy's at Wal-mart and Safeway, this is obviously getting out to the public. Of course, the only way any of us will find out about this is to read about it...we can't hear about it because our heads are full of Ear Wax.

1 comment:

liz said...

hmmm, earwax, eh? sounds like you've given your lovley wife lynn something more to wonder about...