Monday, June 07, 2004

Watching the Detectives

I discussed with several people today how easy it is to investigate someone these days. No, no Magnum P.I. nor Inspector Gadget need apply. All one has to do is go to an old friend called Google . Lynn and I did an experiment in which we looked up my name on Google. If only my life were really that interesting as it appears on Google. According to the now-famous search engine, I am a BMX motocross racer, a German physicist, a hospital administrator and an operator of a mobile home park somewhere in Iowa. Oh yeah, I'm also a photographer of astronomical wonders in Antarctica...hey wait...that part IS me. Anyway, it just goes to prove two things....You can run, but you can't hide, and the other is: If you're bored with your life, just place your name in Google and see what other "lives" you might be living.

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queen of the kings said...

Well, THAT WAS FUN! I am director of public relations for a big superspeedway....and big lawyer in texas....a champion poker player, AND volleyball player.
Gee...I didn't know I could do so many things!