Saturday, June 05, 2004

Death of a Salesman

I turned on my computer today and found out that Ronald Reagan died today. He was 93 and had had alzeimer's disease for the last ten years. Some people liked him...some people didn't. Did he declare ketchup a vegetable? (Yes) Did he basically drive the USSR into oblivion because we massively outspent them in the arms race? (Yes again) I remember Reagan though because he was the candidate for President in the first election I ever voted in. I won't say either way how I voted...but I will always remember it for how I got the opportunity to vote. I was a sophomore at Purdue and because we lived at the far west end of campus, we had to vote at a little country school called Klondike Elementary. Being sophomores, we had no way to get there since we couldn't have cars. A local candidate for a small unimportant office was giving rides to the polling place...Cool...and you know what? I voted for him because he gave me a ride. What a salesman! A salesman similar to Reagan. Did Reagan have anything to do with that? No. Was I affected that he declared ketchup a vegetable?...No. Did he sell America and the World that the US was THE place to be and that we were Number 1? Yes and No. But Reagan was a salesmen, as most politicians are. I know that many people didn't like him, and I still think that National Airport in Washington DC shouldn't be named after him, but if you dug deep enough I think he was probably an ok guy who meant well, (no matter what one thought of his politics) and you know what...if he came to my door trying to sell me Fuller Brushes or Encyclopedias, I would probably invite him inside.

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