Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Everyone Knows It's Windy

No, not the song. It’s been darn windy today. As I write this, it says on the McMurdo Intranet that it’s blowing at 100 mph. At least it waited until everyone was home from work before it decided to do this. That’s good you say…well, not really. If it gets really stormy and ugly, we get what is called a Condition 1. That means that it’s either so cold, so windy or so hard to see, that they don’t want anyone to go outside. It’s mid May and we haven’t had one yet. People are actually betting on when the first Condition 1 will be. Will we have one of these elusive days so that everyone will have a day off? I would imagine so, but they don’t get handed out so easily. Meanwhile, we’ll just keep waiting, looking out the window and making sure that sure some girl named Dorothy from Kansas and her little dog too don't land their house on us. Maybe just an errant seal or penguin will fly by that window. In a Condition 1, anything is possible.

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sambannacci said...

Ah, The Associations big hit. Memories of selling tickets to The Association/Buckinghams concert, Bozeman Montana 1987. ..benefit Bozo police kids athletic program. sitting in a smoky roonm with no windows, worst radio station in the world playing, 5 to 9 every nite for 6 wks...$3.50/hr and a $5 bonus for the top seller of the nite...9 of us...i sold 25 %of the car broke down in Manhattan Mt nite of the show, just got the for the Buckingham`s encore (thier 1 hit, "Kind of a Drag").the Association show was not bad. i would`nt have bought a ticket, but it was nice closure to the job. one of the guys i worked with gave me his dog, and another intrduced me to the bar Mngr of a large resort who hired me so it turned out to be worth much more than a minimum wage lot of memories with that song...Blog on Tomas`.....T