Monday, May 16, 2005

Trivial Pursuits

Well, tonight is Trivia Night at Scott Base. Now this is not some trivial (ha…couldn’t pass that one up!) game. It’s a big deal to a lot of folks. The last and only time Lynn and I went, we were on the winning team. We had 8 people on the team though and several people complained. Hmmm…no comment on that. So…we started our own team and I think we have a pretty well rounded group. But…since it’s at Scott Base, the Kiwis are the ones asking the questions, and they throw in an occasional Kiwi-would-only-know question in there. Trouble is…we don’t have a Kiwi on our team. Oh well…it will be fun regardless. 3 shuttles worth of people attending, answering 3 sets of 25 questions. What can we win you ask? Possibly some NZ ice cream. You see…there isn’t any real ice cream at McMurdo. Now that’s just not right. Not like there isn’t a big freezer just outside the door. We do have a thing (and I mean thing) called Frosty Boy that scarily enough, doesn’t melt in coffee and contains something like 1% real dairy. Yikes! So, the Kiwis have real ice cream and it’s well worth the effort to get all the answers right. That, or it’s back to Frosty Boy!


lynnsie said...

All hail Kiwi ice cream....espcially HOKEY POKEY ice cream. YUM

Lori said...

So, did you guys win? Did you get ice cream?

Tom said...

Yes...We were the big winners! We won by 1 question, getting 57 out of 73 right. I think the turning point question was from Mark, who knew that the height of a high hurdle in track is 42 inches tall! I think my best answer was knowing that Werner Von Braun was the captured German rocket scientist that helped put the first American on the moon. Sadly, we didn't get ice cream...we got two bottles of wine, which our team will share at our next match!