Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cubist Principles

The proverbial pot of controversy was stirred recently when it was revealed after an all-inclusive supervisor's teleconference that the "Polar Morale Committee" at our corporate home office was sponsoring an "Extreme Cube Make-Over" contest at that northern location. Many found it interesting that a $100 prize was able to be awarded to the winner, while there are many tradespeople here that can't get proper tools to do their job. My guess is the cube in this photo was not the winner.

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amanda said...

Hi Tom-
I was there. Yes, they announced it over the intercom several times, and I got about 35 emails regarding the cube cleaning day. Did you catch that not only was there prizes, but every employee was given an hour of work time to do it? I found this funny, being that I got 35 emails telling me to clean my cube, and I don't even have a desk, much less a cube! Yes, when I worked at the Denver office, I had to sit in the cube of some poor soul who was out that day! I did partake in the free sodas and foods for the event however.
I found many other interesting comparisons between the Denver office and McMurdo....but I fear telling you would make your winter seem longer still...