Sunday, July 10, 2005

Big Fish

An Ice friend of ours sent us this picture of a huge
trout he caught a couple of months back in New
Zealand. Apparently a film crew was is the area
making a DVD about fishing in New Zealand and
our friend was being filmed while he was pulling
in this whopper. He loves to fish and it couldn't
have come to a nicer guy. As for the fish...I'm not
sure if he ended up in a pan or back in the water.
It's funny that several of the scientists that study
fish here at McMurdo (Antarctic Cod and others)
catch them the old fashioned way. By ice fishing.
They use these little Snoopy and Mickey Mouse
rod and reels (I'm not making this stuff up!).
Not sure why a federally granted program can't use
professional fishing equipment, but hey...who am I?
Then they throw them into big tanks in Crary Lab
and study them. I know that's the ultra-simplified
version, but the fishing rod part cracks me up!

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Tachizuno said...

Very nice... and cool story!