Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Donut of Misery

The donut of misery. This is a wonderful (or miserable) tool that
everyone who comes down to The Ice seems to use at sometime
or another. Download file When a person inputs their arrival and
departure dates, the donut will calculatehow much time in weeks,
days, hours, minutes and seconds a person has left as well as much
time has been spent here. For people leaving in the next month or
so, the donut shrinks considerably. The donut is also a double edged
pastry as well. If you've just arrived, there is no way you want to
play the donut. It's way too depressing, especially for those fools...
I mean wackos...I mean fine upstanding citizens, that sign 14 month
contracts. I've seen people get very depressed when looking at their
donut...but those same people will sign a new contract and be back
the next year, just to play the donut all over again. It's a vicious cycle,
this donut I speak of.


Anonymous said...

I like this donut. I'm glad I'm only 'doing' 2 weeks at a time these days. I'm not sure I'm cut out for anything longer.

Tom said...

Don't you know that a desk in the summer Housing Office is always waiting for you? lol

Anonymous said...

I like using this :-). But those "wackos" that sign those contracts?? They sign them because you're too scared to. :-) Other than the lack of knowledge the person has that wrote the above statement for the donut, I like using this!! :-D