Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Southern Lights

This hasn't been the best year for viewing auroras here
in town, but last night the Station Manager got some pretty
good shots of them over Observation Hill. One thing the
picture shows besides the auroras is the incredible amount
of light on Ob Hill. One would think it was almost daylight
from the brightness being thrown off of it. Several weeks
ago, I put together a small proposal to lessen the light pollution
at McMurdo and make it a better site for sky-viewing as well
as an energy-saver. If you'd like to see just how much extra
light McMurdo throws into the night sky, see my posting
from June 21st. For more information about what you can
do to help your community curb light pollution go to
I forwarded my ideas to the Station Manager as well as the
energy expert for the company and received positive feedback.
My wife forwarded my ideas to the company President and
he responded that they were "Great ideas". Hopefully the
ideas will turn into action items and McMurdo will again be
a place where the Southern Lights aren't just something
coming out of a incandescent bulb.


A1 Success Force said...

I would love to see the "Southern Lights". I have seen the Northern Lights and posted the story on my blog some time ago.

While our take on the aurorae(?) are quite different, I think they complement each other.

Tom said...

I've heard that the Northern Lights are actually a lot more colorful and dramatic than the ones down here. We get mostly shades of green and white with just a little pink sometimes.