Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Winter-Over Addendum

I'm a member of the Winter-Over station-wide Safety
Committee and I was on the same committee last winter
as well. Last winter the committee came up with a number
of items that people who winter-over at McMurdo should
bring down that aren't necessarily listed in the United States
Antarctic Program's Participant Guide.
Everyone (especially first-timers (FNG's)) gets one of
the Participant Guides, but they tend to be geared mostly
toward people that are coming to McMurdo for the summer.
So...what would a winter-over bring to McMurdo that they
wouldn't be able to get when they're here? Headlamps,
Vitamins, Heating know, the usual stuff.
The trouble is, the nearest big box discount store is
about 9000 miles away so if you want it and it's really
important to you...bring it. I hope that some folks that
are thinking about coming to The Ice, either in the summer
or winter will read this list and find it helpful.


Girl in Progress said...

Hi, just giving you feedback. I think you did a good job adjusting a standard template. I like how you have your links and archives, it will prevent your sidebar from getting too cluttered.

The pics are a big small in for me, but that might be my browser?

Tom said...

Hi Melissa...thanks for the feedback. Are they still small when you click on them. It's hard for me to tell since I use only one browser.