Monday, August 29, 2005

Expensive Choices

Being in Christchurch for a few days,
we've been reminded of the reality that
not only did we get used to having no
choices (food, activities, weather, etc)
things also cost money. Yes, an odd
concept, but when you have no expenses
for over 6 months, it's bit of a shock to
re-enter society and find that things cost
money. The other day at breakfast, a
friend of ours noted how easy it is to
just get up after eating, and walk out the door, forgetting to
pay. Oh wait...there's a bill attached to that meal you just ate.
What makes it more painful is that the American dollar isn't
worth what it used to be in New Zealand, only several years
ago. It almost makes me want to jump on the next plane headed
back to the Ice ....... NAAAHHHHH! That will come soon enough.
For now, we just grin and bear it and enjoy all of the choices we
now have.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
I'm glad you guys are in the 'warm north' :-). Have a great month in NZ.

Jim said...

When you get back to the "ice", will you look forward to the approaching summer when the ice is, ahhh, less 'icy'?

You've got a very illuminating and enjoyable blog here.