Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sunny Sumner

Well, we made the big move to Sumner the other
day. Not much of a move really, only 20 minutes
from the City Centre, but definitely more in a world
of it's own. Still an occasional car to be heard,
zooming down the road at unfathomable speeds of
50 kph! However, we are less than 100 meteres
from the beach and can
hear it each night as we go to sleep. The beach cottage
we rented, built in the 1860's reminds me a lot of my grandparent's house in Boone Grove, Indiana USA, but is modern enough for our needs and is cozy as well. Sumner has pretty much everything we
need except for reliable email nearby. The local
library looks promising, but they looked at me
warily when I asked them what time of day would be best to avoid a que. They probably
don't get that question very often as the library is quite small. We will try not to be Ugly


Anonymous said...

What a great looking little house. Have lots & lots of fun hanging out there for a month.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous place to relax! Have a wonderful holiday (we have to use the Kiwi vernacular since you are in New Zealand) as you deserve it.