Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Seals of Kaikoura

We took a small road trip the other day to Kaikoura. Kaikoura is about
a 3 hour drivenorth of Christchurch and is a pretty pleasant drive.
Unfortunately the weather was gloomy and cloudy for most of the
drive and the time that we were there, but it wasstill a good trip.
We went out onto the peninsula on the edge of town and saw quite
a few Seals. We'd been here a couple of years ago and saw a couple
of them, but this year there were quite a few around, all basking in
what little sun there was. Unfortunately there was also an extended
family (humans, not seals) there that insisted on bugging the poor
creatures, with shouts, yells and even a small stick. It was disturbing,
but the seals seemed bored with the family, ignored them and the
family eventually went away. I guess it works that way with animals
too. If you ignore something, it won't bother you and will go away.
I was always taught that about barking dogs, bees, etc, but apparently
it works with humans too!

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Anonymous said...

Glad tha seals had that figured out! a good lesson.