Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Night at the Movies

Last night we went to see Hotel Rwanda
at the Hollywood Theatre in downtown Sumner.
I had wanted to see it for sometime now as it was just coming
when I left for the Ice this year. To my understanding, it's out on DVD
now in the States. Makes me feel pretty out of touch with time. It was
a great movie and although there are some parallels with the recent
disaster with Katrina, the people in Rwanda had it much worse. Over
1 million people were killed. It's very easy for us in the West to just
ignore what goes on. The tsunami tragedy in Thailand was another
example. off track there...We were able to walk to the movie
and it felt very neighborhood-y. Not the most comfortable seats around
and you couldn't pour your own yellow-colored butter grease on
your popcorn, but considering we've been watching 20 year old
video tapes for the past 7 months, it was a nice treat.

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bee_human said...

The picture of the day: a french boat at wellington. Where is the rainbow warrior ?

Under this boat, I presume...