Saturday, October 08, 2005

Balloon Fiesta

On Friday evening, we attended the Albuquerque
International Balloon Fiesta.
It's a yearly event attended by thousands of
people from around the world. We wanted to
see the "Special Shapes" balloons and Friday
night they had something called a "Glowdeo".
This is when they wait until dark, and fire up
the gas flames inside the balloons, illuminating
the entire balloon.

It took a while to get started. Since Wells Fargo
sponsors the Glowdeo, they get to inflate their
balloons first. They took a little longer than
expected, but when everyone else was allowed
to inflate, suddenly there were 50 - 75 different
balloons of all shapes across a huge field.

One really nice thing about the Fiesta is that
everyone was able to go right out into the field,
talk to the balloon crews and get a good idea
of what it's like to be a balloonist. We spoke to
one person who told us that without the basket,
their balloon alone weighed 800 pounds!
After the Glowdeo, they had a great fireworks of the best I've seen. Overall, it was
a really good time for everyone, especially families.
The people at the Fiesta, both organizers and
attendees were really friendly and outgoing and
we'll go back again.

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hobbes said...

Fantastic pix - what a party that must have been!