Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Settling In

We've pretty much settled into our little casita
in Santa Fe and are happy with everything.
It's a cozy and comfortable place, only 5 blocks
from the plaza on top of a high spot called
Banana Hill. It's not big, so we can't have
a lot of people over at once, but it definitely
works for our needs. We've been quite busy
the past couple of days, arranging Phone service,
DSL (YAY!), Cable TV, buying grocercies, etc.
It all makes one feel very domestic. I know
that this is rather dull and routine to most

people, but when you don't do any of this for
4 years, it's very new to us. One thing I've
discovered I like doing is going to the
supermarket to look at all of the new products
that have come out while we've been gone.
Ok, this is odd, but again, it's all brand new
to us. What is scary though is that I haven't
lost my enjoyment of actually shopping for
groceries. I could spend hours at the store
and there is a huge Albertson's nearby that
fulfills that need. What's really scary is that
we were predicting how much our total was
going to be at the checkout. I was off by only
3 cents. I need to get out more!


Anonymous said...

What a great little house. How'd you guys find it?

I hope you have a wonderful time there these next few months.

Tom said...

Hi L,

We found it on a site called Since it's a vacation rental, it comes furnished and most utilities are paid for.


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