Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Welcome to New Mexico!

We made the long, 22 hour drive across the country
from the Chicago area to Santa Fe with no problems.
Well...I wouldn't say no problems. Gas prices have
given us quite the sticker shock since the last time
we were off the Ice.

It's painful to fill up the tank these days. I almost
expect to see a loan desk set up at each gas station
so that people can re-finance their homes or take
out a second mortgage just so they can fill their
tanks. I think the blood plasma people are missing
out on a good opportunity here. People could sell
plasma for gas money. The organ donor people
also might have a opportunity too!

After living on the Ice for 9 months, one gets used
to not seeing bugs, snakes or other creepy crawlies
about. As soon as we crossed into New Mexico, we
saw this neat little snake at a rest stop. He was
pretty harmless, and an older gentleman from
Kentucky was nice enough to shoo him out of the
parking lot where he definitely would have been
smashed by a tire. The next morning, I was lucky (?)
enough to see a pretty large centipede with lots
and lots of legs in the bathtub. Still no spiders
though...UGH...those of you that know me know
how I feel about them!

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