Saturday, March 11, 2006

Shiny Happy People

Every time I leave the house, it never fails
to amaze me how friendly the people of Grand
Junction are. Today at the grocery store, we
were admiring a floral display and the
woman working behind the counter treated us
like we were relatives she'd known for years.
At the place we go to get our oil changed, not
only did the manager treat us like best friends,
he even held onto a water bottle I had left
there until the next day. Men, women and small
children will hold doors for you. Manners are
not just an exception, but the rule. In the five
weeks we've been here, I have come across exactly
two people that were cranky...and one was only
complaining about some people he knew in a
neighboring town. We've traveled in many
parts of the U.S. and lots of places around
the world and I have to say these folks are
darn happy. It even makes you feel like
being nice and friendly BACK to people.
It's just a warm fuzzy feeling.

1 comment:

digitalGoobie said...

Aw, that was a nice post. Sounds like a nice play to be spending your time - kinda is like that commercial where one person does something nice for someone, and the next person does something nice for someone else, etc etc.. and it's a huge chain of events.

Heh. Anyway, I'm bein quiet now.
Your post made me smile.