Friday, March 10, 2006

Springtime in Colorado

Contrary to popular belief, winter has not
left us completely as we've received a little
snow the past few days. Most folks who don't
live here think it's very snowy all of the
time (I guess they've watched too many of
those Broncos games being played in blizzards).
Though the ski industry pushes that impression,
it's actually very dry here. Especially on the
Western Slope. However, March and April are
the snowiest months. With that in mind, I have
always been confused why the ski resorts close
in late March to early April. I don't ski
(most in Colorado can't afford it) so it doesn't
affect me, but it's curious all the same.
Anyway, we need the moisture and every little
bit we get means less yard watering. But that's
a different story for a different day.

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