Wednesday, March 08, 2006


A couple of weeks ago we were in the truck and
pulled up behind the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile!
For some promotional reason it was in Grand Junction
and we spotted it pulling into a hotel parking lot
for the evening.

Back in 1995, I had the honor of sitting behind the
wheel of the Wienermobile when it was staying at the
hotel I worked at in Phoenix. It felt like a large,
oddly shapped RV, with everything, including a kitchen
and bathroom inside. Although I really didn't like my
job there, it was nice seeing the Wienermobile in the
parking lot every morning and evening for almost a week.


Greg Finnegan said...

Last year I saw a pair of them in Independence Mo, at the same Marriott Residence Inn where I was staying. They are even shinier and fancier than the ones I used to see as a kid in Chicago in the 50's.

I stopped in Grand Junction last week in my fifth wheel trailer. I'm driving from my last contract job in northern California back to home in North Carolina.

I enjoyed your blog!

dani said...

hey there lynn and tom...did you get my e-mail about coming your way in may???? it is official...i will send more info as the time comes excited i will get to see you both before leaving the continent again :) i have to say i have seen the weinermobile...but have never sat behind the lucky "dog" tom...hope all is well and keep up the blog...i am hoping to add more pictures to mine this weekend...i have seen some ice folks even...miss your smiling faces :)