Thursday, April 13, 2006

All Those Yellow Magazines

I've been receiving National Geographic magazine since
Viking was on the cover. No, not Leif Erickson (the Viking)
...I'm not that old. The Viking Mars explorer in the January,
1977 issue. I've been subscribing so long that one year,
when I was late with my payment, they told me that I was
such a valuable subscriber that I could pay it "when I had
the time". I wish I could use that payment method with my
mortgage company! Well, after several years of languishing
in our storage unit, all of my National Geographic issues
are in the same place and in the same bookcase. All 352
issues. Ok, I'm a geek, but I still have room for about 3
more years in that bookshelf. Luckily they're on the
ground level because they are H-E-A-V-Y. Someday I'm sure
they will contribute nicely to someone's landfill long
after I am gone, but for now, I will continue to subscribe.
There's only one thing National Geographic-related that I
wished I had that I do not have. One of the National
Geographic expedition Flags. You know, the kind that
people like Neil Armstrong and Edmund Hillary carried
with them? A friend of ours who used to work for NG even
tried to pull some strings to get one for me, but wasn't
very successful. So, if anyone out there happens to have
one of these stuck in their attic or happened to see one
at the local junk store...let me know.

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