Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Visit From Deb and Glenn

We're getting a nice visit from our friend's Deb
and Glenn. We've spent many months with them in
Antarctica and they've just begun their B.A.R.T.
(Big Ass Road Trip) in search of a place they would
like to make a million dollars someday! Ok...that's
my take on their trip, but they're seeing a lot of
friends and getting a good feel of where they want
to live someday. It's very similar to a trip we
took several years ago to try to figure out where
we wanted to live. They're roughly driving from
Colorado to Nevada, up the coast to Portland and
Seattle, then back to Colorado. It should be a lot
of fun for them. Yesterday, we took them to see
Colorado National Monumnet where Glenn amazed us
with his rock scampering skills and to Palisade
where we were a little disappointed that the peach
blossoms weren't quite as blooming as we hoped they
would be. Both of them are very handy around the
house and in just 24 hours, they've helped make
our house much cozier and user-friendly. We're
looking forward to spending a nice Easter with them
and we'll have lots of fun over the next few days.

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