Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fannie May Sold Again

I know I've had a rash of Chicago stories on this
blog lately, but I read today that Fannie May
(the best Chocolate company in the world, not the
money people) has been sold. Eighteen months ago
Chicagoans, past and present, local and expats alike,
were highly distressed when it appeared that Fannie
May was going to go bankrupt and hence, out of business
forever. In a last minute save, Alpine Confectionary
from Utah, bought the company and resumed production.
Now...they are selling the brand to who???
Who the (%^$&* is that??? and what do they know about
making candy? And what's worse, it's based out of...
New York!!!! First Marshall Field's, the longtime
anchor department store of all department stores in
Chicago gets bought and to be re-named by Macy's
(also of that horrible eastern city), now Fannie
May too! Fingers will be crossed and prayers will
be said that this internet flower company doesn't
mess up our Fannie May. Hopefully it will thrive
and the world will discover how great this chocolate

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Anonymous said...

I think it's great. They say their going to take the brand national. What a comeback for Fannie May!! Now my grandma in Florida can order her favorite candy, Trinidads, online from