Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening Day

Today was opening day for Major League
baseball and my Cubs crushed Cincinnati
16-7. I hope hope hope this is the year.
Not winning a World Series since 1908
will make a few Cubs fans cynical and
forever optimistic but every year we
keep coming back for more. If Mark
Prior and Kerry Wood can get their
injuries behind them, maybe we'll finally
get that World Series championship. Of
course, by October I'll be 9,000 miles and
20 or so time zones away, but I'm sure
I'll find more than a few die-hard Cub fans
in Antarctica to watch the festivities with.
After all, we've only been waiting 98 years.

1 comment:

Daedalus said...

You're going down today! ;)

I'm watching at work. (Shh...don't tell.)