Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

After a four hour marathon church session at
St. Joseph's Easter Vigil service last night,
we slept in and enjoyed a late breakfast
ala "Pat Hamann" style. Earlier in the week,
I picked up some "real" kielbasa at a local
meat market and yesterday, some rolls and
donuts at a local bakery. Topping these
bad-for-you gastronomic treats were Mrs. T's
Pierogis and hot hard boiled eggs with butter
and salt. YUM! And wait...the culinary
Olympics for the day were just starting!
Over a dozen eggs were sacrificed making
several loaves of homemade bread, a couple
dozen cupcakes, and something called "Banana
Crack" cookies. In addition, ham, turkey,
green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, salad
and probably other things I've forgotten were
prepared....Whew! Of course, one has to lean
against the refrigerator to get it all closed
because there are so many leftovers in it.
I see a long nap in everyone's future!


Lori Murray said...

I love Mrs T's Pierogis. Sounds like you had a great Easter.

Cousin Diane said...

Have you ever heard the story where I broke up with a boyfriend over Easter Vigil mass? Never, never do the vigil mass. And I've discovered that eating hard boiled eggs hot with butter and salt is a unique Hamann/Smith ritual.