Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tom -vs- The Yard

As a new homeowner, I find myself in a battle; a
struggle between titans. A duel to the death.
Me against a formidable foe. Me against...weeds.
Yard weeds. In fact, the whole yard for that matter.
Let me give you a little background (insert homey
background music here). I was raised learning the
"ropes" of yard care. My parents, whether I realized
it at the time or not, taught me everything about lawn
care. Weeding, feeding, mowing, pulling,
goes on and on. Even when I had a few too many
libations, I was sent to pull would make
me think twice about doing that again...Thanks Dad!
So now I find myself owning and trying to maintain
my own yard. Our yard did not come to us in the
best of conditions. If there was a "Yard in a Box"
I would consider buying it on a payment plan...but
there isn't. What we got instead is a yard full
of weeds and lots of dead spots in Bermuda grass.
I was told by a wise source that Bermuda grass is the
last to turn green and first to turn brown. Oh great!
He also informed me that it was "drought starved"'s April and it's "drought starved".
All of this in a state that has the nerve to publish
a "Weed Calendar". So I know what task I have in
front of me. It's me...or the of us will
emerge victorious. I hope it's not the weeds!


Lori Murray said...

I have the perfect solution, it's the one I intend to use when I finally build a house. GRAVEL! No expanse of green grass is worth the hassle of mowing, weeding, etc. Dig up the worst patched of weeds. Fill in any holes or low spots, compact the dirt, lay down a layer or 2 (or 3) of black typar road fabric and then 6 inches of clean gravel. A couple of times a year spray round up on any weeds that spring up. And enjoying hanging out in your yard, not slaving away in many hours every spring/summer & fall!

duwbryd said...

What kind of "weeds" are they refering to.