Saturday, April 22, 2006

Too Many Books?

Can you have too many books? Now, we don't have
as many books as the picture above and our "library"
isn't near as grand, but we have a lot of books.
Thousands of them...and to be honest, even we haven't
read them all. However, all of them are loved and
cared for. We're having a nice visit this weekend
from our friend Leza, who lives in D.C. Let's just
say she's a very organized person and is thrilled by
things such as arranging books. Boy, did we have
a project for her! We recently bought some new book
cases and our books were longing for their new home. they went. Almost four hours of organizing
and our books are in their new home. Our very own
little library. It has a few flaws and it's not
completely finished yet, but it's getting there.
There are a few orphans that just didn't feel like
they wanted to live with us any longer, so they will
hopefully be sold on Amazon. In the meantime, our
local library here in town opens again this weekend
after several weeks of asbestos removal. I think
I'll go in next week. I need some more books to read!

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