Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Busy Weekend

We had a pretty much non-stop weekend the past couple
of days. On Friday and Saturday we participated
in the city-wide garage sale. We didn't have a great sale,
but we did have a good sale and we were able to get rid of
a lot of stuff we just didn't need. The rest will find a
nice home with a local charity.

Our friend from the Ice, Dani, came to visit on Saturday and
Sunday. As a result of reading my blog, Dani wanted to try
the Nepal restaurant, which we all enjoyed on Saturday night.
We got to try some new things, as well as some old favorites.
Afterward we walked down to Main Street and caught a little
bit of the 18th annual Wells Fargo Art and Jazz Festival.
It was a little to dark to enjoy the arts and crafts being
shown, so we decided to go back on Sunday.

After a relaxing Sunday morning and a nice breakfast downtown,
we met some really nice folks and saw some talented artwork
on Main Street. The partly cloudy skies gave for some respite
from the heat so it was pretty comfortable. Afterwards, we
took Dani on a nice drive through the Colorado National Monument
where we saw some beautiful desert flowers coming into bloom.
Later that evening, Dani showed us some great pictures of her
recent trips to Egypt and Tunisia. She'll be headed to Romania
in a few months to teach for two years. We're looking forward
to visiting her when we get off the Ice next year.

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