Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gateway Colorado

Just southwest of Grand Junction is the very small
town of Gateway. It's several hundred people living
pretty much in the middle of nowhere. About as far
west in Colorado as you can get, it's only 40 miles
from Moab, Utah...if you have 4 wheel drive and the
nerve to drive some fairly rough dirt roads. Otherwise
it's a long 126 mile drive to a town that's almost in
sight. That's kind of how things are here when it comes
to distances. It's right over there...but you can't get
there from here. Why? No roads go there.

Anyway, neither of us had been to Gateway so we went.
It was a pretty drive there on the Unaweep/Tabeguache Scenic
Parkway. It made me think that if this route were in a
relatively flat state like Kansas or North Dakota,
this area at the very least would be a state or national
park. But in Colorado...it's just another pretty valley

When we arrived in Gateway, it reminded us of a very
pretty, but sparsely populated version of Sedona. Lots
of red rocks, and green trees surrounding the Dolores River.
Driving through though we were a little disappointed.
There was really not much there. Then, we crossed the
river and came to Gateway Canyons. It's a new development
that has a small 16 room motel, a convenience store, a
gas station and a restaurant. There's also a really neat
Auto museum there that we might visit later this summer.
Overall, it was a nice visit. A great little resort area
and lots and lots of scenery.

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