Friday, May 05, 2006

Captain Butterfly???

I thought about making the title of this post,
"The many faces of Jim", but "Captain Butterfly???"
was way too good to resist. Our friend, Jim was
featured on Phil Jacobsen's blog the other day and made Lynn and I laugh out loud.
Jim surprised many recently with his talent of playing a guitar,
disguised as Captain Butterfly.
Now that doesn't sound that interesting or shocking at all.
Especially if you don't know Jim. Therefore, I felt inspired
to write a bit more about the legendary Jim.

But...Jim is one amazing guy. He never fails to amaze us on
a regular basis concerning what he is able to do. We know the

* Was raised in West Virginia and Ohio
* Has a Masters in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute
* Is a George Jones groupie
* Longs to live in his brother's garage in Atlanta
* Has an apartment in San Francisco he hasn't seen in years
* Doesn't like to be touched!

Several times we have discussed that Jim is actually a plant
by some secret psychology organization in an effort to observe
all of us on the Ice, or that he is secretly a millionaire of
the eccentric Howard Hughes variety that is just working at
McMurdo as a hobby.

Jim should be the next Station Manager at McMurdo. My rationale?
He's done every crummy job on station, including a janitor several
times, a dishwasher, an insulator helper, a painter helper and a
general assistant. What person would be more qualified for leadership
than Jim? But that isn't Jim.

What everyone does know about Jim is that he is one of
the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Not a man of
many words, but he'll surprise you on a regular basis. If you
get the chance, get to know the real Jim...whoever he is.


Windshanty said...

I have not seen my old friend, Jimmy, for many years. His weirdness outdid mine by far. He grew up in one of the most loving families I have ever known and I love them all dearly and miss them greatly. I hope some day I will have the opportunity to visit with Jim. That would be a hoot.

Helen Parker said...

I met Jim via a mutual old friend, Roger in our local Coffee to the People Cafe in the Haight Ashbury last year. Both Jim and are MANY year long residents, but this was our first meeting and a TRUE blessing now in my life!!!
He is a gentle4man of the old school with the kindest heart.
I, got Jim's a BIG laugh when I read about Captain Butterfly metamorphosis and would love to see Jim in action with guitar in hand a wearing his wings!
God Bless Jim!!!!!!!!!!
Helen and my Beannie Cat