Monday, May 01, 2006

When Good Televisions Go Bad

I must admit...I was wrong. Yes, it doesn't
happen often, but it does happen. I used to
be a major complainer about the quality of
the television programs we received in
Antarctica. To be fair, I really didn't
have much to compare it to since we only
received three AFRTS stations in addition
to two locally originated video channels.
It was also a highlight to see what was being
served for meals that day on a rolling scroll,
what flights weren't coming in during the
no flight season in the middle of June, or if
it was -20 and cold versus -25 and cold.
Here, we have cable tv. Not everything, but one
step above basic. I know there are some good,
quality programs out there. For the most part
we try to watch them when we do watch tv. But
there is some real %$&* out there. And that's
just the commercials! The shows are even worse.
On the Ice, we watched a lot of movies because
the stuff that was on broadcast television was
aimed toward twenty-something sailors and it was
kind of hard to relate to it. Nothing wrong
with that, but lots of NASCAR and pro wrestling,
sandwiched by re-enlistment and public service
commercials. I won't go into what I think is
wrong with television. That's up to everyone
to decide on their own. I just will think twice
about complaining about TV at McMurdo from now on.

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