Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sun-Maid Makeover

Found this funny link today about the changes
made to the SunMaid Raisin Girl. She reminds
me of a twisted cross between Sandra Bullock
and Laura Ingalls Wilder who is a bit too happy
for her own good. And all in a slightly creepy
computerized format. I think what they've done
to special effects for movies (especially Science
Fiction) is pretty cool, but there are some things
they should keep their hands off of.
Next thing you know, they'll be giving the Jolly
Green Giant a more modest loincloth of leaves, or
make the Pillsbury Dough Boy be a more svelte version
of his former self. I'm waiting for the P(olitically)
C(orrect) police to change the Land O'Lakes Indian
Maiden because they found out that you can
make her pose suggestively.
Old icons shouldn't die...they should just fade away.

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