Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Since we've been on the Ice every Northern Hemisphere
summer since 2001, we've really missed seeing the
colors of flowers. Sure, there are lots of flowers
in Christchurch, but none of the "in the yard" variety
that are really pretty this time of year.

My parents have the closest thing to a botanical garden
that you can have in their own yard. They've worked on
it for over 40 years and are always changing things to
improve it. This year a new tree, the next a new flower
bed, etc.

None of this comes easy though. Lots of hard work, nine
months a year and it's not cheap either. My Mom spends
many hours each summer mowing the lawn and planting flowers
while my Dad is usually on his hands and knees weeding
and edging a flowerbed or around trees to make sure he
stays one step ahead of those pesky weeds.

This time of year, colors are everywhere. It's hard to
walk more than ten feet without seeing a different color
of flower and of course the color green is everywhere.
It's nice to spend a week in a place where color is the
norm instead of the exception.

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