Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy 50th Anniversary!

Today my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
They were married on June 9th, 1956. They had a really nice
ceremony re-affirming their vows and afterward we had lunch
at a restaurant my family has been going to for special
occasions for years; Teibel's in Schererville, Indiana.
The owner, Steve Teibel, personally gave my parents a $50
gift card at the end of the meal to thank them for their
business over the years.

Mom and Dad both had a great time, and it was great that so
many members of my family were there to help them celebrate.
After we had lunch, we all came home to their house. This
is really nice because they moved to this house two years
before I was born, and still live here today. So, it really
is going "home". One of my nephews that lives in Hebron
put together a really nice DVD presentation of my parents
and their lives together, with some of their favorite 50's
music in the background. We each got a copy so we can play
it for years to come.

Everyone except two of my nephews were able to attend.
They plan to visit later this summer since they had work
committments they couldn't get out of. I especially had a
nice visit with my Aunt and Uncle from South Bend, Indiana.
They're about the nicest people anyone could know and we
shared a lot of old family stories and my uncle even gave
me some genealogy information about my family that I hadn't
known of before. Overall, the day left me with a good warm
feeling inside. May my Mom and Dad have many more anniversaries
ahead of them!

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Deb said...

Hey, Tom, this is your cousin, Deb. Mom and Dad posted the link to your blog so we could see some pictures of the party. I've enjoyed your blog and photos sporadically over the years, when I remembered to check the link. Your photos are really wonderful. When are you heading back home?