Monday, July 31, 2006

Aeon Flux

We just finished watching Aeon Flux on cable tonight. It didn't
get very good reviews when it was at the theatres, but I liked
it. It starred Charlize Theron and she's an Oscar-winning
actress, so if nothing else, it's worth watching just to see her
act. It takes place 400 years in the future in a world where
99% of the world's population was wiped out by a virus and
the remaining humans live in a quasi-perfect society, surrounded
by "the outside world". Trouble is, the society isn't perfect.
It's more of a police-state where you don't ask any questions.
Just enjoy the perfection and all is well. Aeon (Charlize Theorn)
is out to change all of this in a undercover, killer-agent kind of

This movie actually had it's start as a science fiction cartoon
on MTV in the early to mid-90's. If I remember right it was
first featured on a show called Liquid TV and was on Sunday
nights. I watched it a few times and it was pretty interesting,
but sometimes hard to follow. It had kind of a anime feeling
to it, but was actually drawn by a Korean artist. It eventually
became it's own show and had a run of about 15 shows in 1995

The cartoon Aeon Flux, reminded me a bit of the magazine,
"Heavy Metal". Heavy Metal is an American magazine based on
a French magazine of a similar name. I read it for a while in
the mid 80's and it's still on the newstands today. It has kind
of a science fiction/fantasy/adult theme in the form of animated
drawings and comics. Kind of like a more artistic version of
anime or manga. They made a successfulful movie based on the
magazine in the mid 80's that even included voice-overs by
John Candy of all people. The movie, "The Fifth Element" also
seemed to have a little bit of Heavy Metal in it's creation as well.

Overall, if you can see Aeon Flux as a cable movie or even as a
reasonable rental, it's worth it. Especially for the action scenes
and special effects.

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