Saturday, July 29, 2006

They Found Out

The environmental magazine, Mother Earth News, recently
announced the "12 Great Places You've Never Heard Of".
One of these places...Grand Junction. The criteria?
"...ideal place would have beautiful scenery and recreational
opportunities; civic pride and a healthy economy; and a
community of people who care about the environment,
sustainability, alternative energy and fresh, wholesome food."
All of the towns had to be under 60,000 people.

The List in no particular order:

Ithaca, New York
Blue Hill, Maine
Athens, Ohio
Wimberley, Texas
Decatur, Georgia
Fairfield, Iowa
Northfield, Minnesota
Grand Junction, Colorado
St. George, Utah
La Grande, Oregon
Grants Pass, Oregon
Sitka, Alaska

So there you's all over now. Everyone will know
how nice it is to live in Grand Junction...just great...
ha ha.


Michelle said...


I've just finished reading your blog. Only took me 2 1/2 hours and worth every minute! Totally enjoyable.

I am in New Zealand, just celebrated my 7 year anniversary being here the other day. I was living in GJ, CO before I left for here. I'm originally from Cortez.

You've managed to make me quite homesick in a good way. I've not thought about Lois' Place in ages and I'm now craving a Main Street Bagel like there is no tomorrow. yummy!

I'm adding you to my favorite Blogs list, can't wait to see what you write about home next.

Cheers mate!


Anonymous said...

I think the chrome buffalo must have pushed Junction over the top. Did they interview "Speedo Man" in the article, 'cause I think HE is what makes Grand Junction cool.

Michelle said...

LOL Oh my stars! Is speedo man still in the news? How funny is that. I used to work for KEKB/KOOL 107.9 and MIX 104.3 and we used to love speedo man sightings.

I love this blog great memories!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the nice comments Michelle and thanks for reading. Thanks too Ben for continuing to read. Only a few more weeks til freshies!

As for the Speedo Man...I don't think he's around
any more. In fact, the two of you talking about him is the first I've ever heard about him. Sorry for the disappointing news.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet he's still around. He usually is somewhere between the train station and Lincoln Park. Ask around about him and see if anyone has any recent sightings.