Sunday, July 02, 2006

Carrying On and On

Lynn goes down to the Ice at Winfly in August and I'll
be going down in early October for Mainbody. Since we'll
probably be there for just the summer, we want to travel
a lot lighter than we usually do. Winter-overs get to
take about twice as much gear weight-wise than summer
folks do so it's not only by choice, but by necessity.
Anyway, since Lynn will be traveling by herself, she
wants to travel really light, yet be functional. As a
result, today she was trying to figure out what she'd be
able to carry onto the plane, without feeling like she
was carrying the house with her. We also needed to go
to Walker Field to find out if her bag was going to be
too big to carry on. When we got to the airport, there
was practically no one there. Not that it was a slow
day or anything. It's like this all of the time. It's
probably the most laid-back, quiet airport I've ever
visited. It makes the airport I'll be traveling out
of (SBN - South Bend) look like O'Hare or LAX, and SBN
is a really quiet airport. If you park in the nearby
lot for less than a half hour, it's free. Where else
can you do that? When we got inside we were the only
ones in the arrival area except for a gate agent and a
TSA officer. We asked the TSA officer if Lynn's bag
would be small enough to carry onto the plane. She
confirmed that it would be small enough and told us
she'd seen people take HUGE bags onto planes and that
most airlines weren't that picky. We asked if she could
travel with us to confirm that wherever we went. ha ha.

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