Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Today we picked up Lynn's daughter Leslie at Walker Field
Airport here in Grand Junction. Because she flew on United
out of Denver, of course the flight was messed up on that end.
Long story short, she was delayed several hours and up until
the last moment, we didn't know exactly which flight she
would be on. That's when I pulled up an amazing website
called FlightAware

We were able to track when her flight left and where it was
on a map between Denver and Grand Junction.

In fact, you can check what planes are flying near you just by
placing your nearest three letter airport code in the search box.
The next time you're wondering where that plane 30,000 feet above your
head is going or where it came you can find out.

What's also amazing about this website is the fact that you can see
just how many planes are flying around North America at any one time.
Each tiny red dot represents a plane in the air and at some times of
the day, up to 6,000 planes can be in the air at one time. It's a
miracle that planes don't run into each other and a tribute to all
of the air traffic controllers doing their job to make sure it doesn't

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