Monday, July 17, 2006

Glenwood Springs

As this is Leslie's last night visiting us, we
took her to one of our favorite places.
Glenwood Hot Springs Pool. It's just over an
hour east of us and we've been there many
times over the years. However, we had never
been there in the summer, so it was something
different for us too. Leslie had been here with
us about ten years ago, but hadn't been back
since. I was really surprised how busy it was.
We're used to going in the middle of winter
when there is hardly anyone there. The water
was nice and warm though and we had a good

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Jude said...

Since I know that they don't even bother cleaning the pool in the summer because closing it would cost too much money, I prefer to visit in the autumn when the crowds are gone, the pool is cleaner, and the woodbine has changed color--probably early October is the best. The worst time to visit? A cold day in January--it's hard on the ears.