Sunday, July 16, 2006


On the hottest day of the year, with temperatures
hovering over 102 degrees, 1300 people visited
Grand Junction's newest oddity/attraction on it's
opening day. the Glacier Ice Arena is now open for
business. Prior to it's opening, people would have
to drive an hour and a half to Glenwood Springs to
satisfy their thirst for icy goodness. It has a NHL
sized rink that supports hocky, figure skating,
free-skating, lessons and skate parties. How
hungry were people in the Grand Valley for this
rink to open? A group of high schoolers camped
out the night before so that they could be the first
customers. I don't skate, and have never had the
desire, but it's still a good thing for this town to have.

After reading about the arena and it's background, I
discovered that the owners are the grandchildren of
a very famous person. Ok, not very famous, but at
least slightly famous. His name...Frank Zamboni. Frank
invented the Zamboni machine that resurfaces ice rinks
around the world. The Koos' grew up working in their
grandfather's Zamboni machine factory, learning the
ropes. A good legacy in place to create a new legacy of
ice skating here in Grand Junction.


Anonymous said...

My brother's dream job is to be the guy who drives the Zamboni at the Pepsi Center for Avs games.

Jude said...

I only live 60 miles away, but I had no idea they finally finished that bridge and they finally built the ice rink. Now that gas is getting so expensive, it may be awhile before I visit again in person. Thanks for the updates.